The Custom option allows you to make advanced changes, such as formatting your hard drive and creating a new partition for the installation. Also, this method lets you keep your personal files and apps. Depending upon your preference, you can select any one of the first two options.

  • And as you might have guessed, the way is through the registry values.
  • By default, Windows 10 will come without Windows Media Player and other media capabilities in these regions.
  • Properly caring for your data is your responsibility.
  • Also, you won’t get to enjoy the full Windows suite if you go for them.

Well, this update is supposed to be automatic. Most users have received it for their HEIC codecs. When it comes to videos, everyone needs to download the HEVC extension. If you have previous versions of CorelDraw Graphics Suite installed, it is recommended to have the latest shell extension installed.

The Xps 13, Xps 15, Or Xps 17: Which Dell Laptop Would You Choose?

Other audio issues may stem from software and hardware mismatch, such as when the Bluetooth headphones and audio source don’t have the same audio codec, or Bluetooth versions. Thus, make sure to fully charge your batteries before using them to prevent connectivity issues due to a low battery level. Take some time to recharge the batteries or replace them if you have spares. With the above steps complete, you should be able to use your Bluetooth USB adaptor without any problems. However, now that you have your new mouse, keyboard, or headphones connected, you may want to make some adjustments.

I’m actually dual-booting now between Windows and Linux Mint, and the same thing happens on both OS’s. I would think, though I could be wrong, that if the problem were my PC, it wouldn’t affect both OS’s. Until then I’d just move everything over from the phone to a staging folder on your computer, and then do your selecting for the keepers there.

Flexible Recording Modes

A drop-down list will appear; click “Capture.” The “Capture” shortcut may also be in the Game Bar toolbar. If you don’t see it, click the Widget menu icon on the left. It looks like several lines with bullet points to their left. If you’re narrating your recording, having a script is a good idea to ensure you stay on track and cover the necessary material.

It will check the system requirements again, and then present you with the license terms. If you have a PC running Windows 10, Windows 11 is available to eligible PCs via Windows Update. If your system meets the minimum requirements listed above, you can go ahead with the update.

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