One of the most popular downloads is an app or program installed on your computer. For Windows computers, these files are most often .exe files, and for Apple computers, they are either .dmg or .app files. If a small window appears asking if you want to download the file, tap Download. After the download is completed, a prompt appears at the bottom of the browser window in the middle.

Follow the onscreen steps to finish the set-up of your iPhone and download the free apps that were matched in the App Store. Finally, make sure that all of your content transferred by browsing through your photo gallery and message history. Launch the Transfer for Mobile after you install it, then use two USB cables to connect your Android phone and iPhone to the computer. Please remember to enable the USB debugging on your Android device, install the driver on the computer and check whether the latest iTunes is installed on your computer.

With it, you can transfer data from Android to Android without limitation. As for the compatible platforms, in addition to Android OS, iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod can also be supported as well. A new screen will appear that allows you to specify whether or not the data should be transferred to an existing account or if a new account should be created to transfer the data to. To specify a new account, type the login name that you would like created.

ICloud Requires An Apple ID

Connect your Android smartphone to your PC using a USB Cable. Unlike Android devices, you will only have the read permission for iPhone storage. Which means, you can copy images from the iPhone, but cannot copy anything to the device. Choose the Apple device you want to share the photos, from the window. Now, you can select whether you want to include the media in the backup or not. You can also transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using email.

  • If you want to make a copy of the item, you should press and hold Ctrl key and drag the folder.
  • The iOS to Android transfer app free version allows you to transfer photos from iOS to Android.
  • If your internet speed is slow, you can backup your old iPhone to your computer using iTunes, then plug your new iPhone into your computer and restore it from the backup on iTunes.

This time navigate to where you would like to store your files on your new Android (for this example, I wanted to copy files from my PC to my Android’s SD Card). Compare the best 4 ways to transfer music from computer to your Android device. Then, we will see how to quickly transfer all your data from your old Android to your new one. This method is for you guys who want to keep all your data and are not concerned about filling up space on the new device with data you may not need. Turn on «Bluetooth» on your both devices and get your two Android phones paired to each other. Now on your Android device, head to and log into your iCloud account.

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Just copy my data apk make sure the internal phone storage space is large enough. If all else fails, you can transfer contacts, photos, videos and other content by Bluetooth, although it can be a time consuming project. That should bring settings, app data and so on over to your new phone. Your Google account will now be accessible on your new Android phone. Log into it on your new smartphone, and all of your contacts, photos, videos and more will be sent across from your old phone. Currently using a smartphone running Android, but want to setup a new iPhone?

Here are the detail steps below to show you how to transfer content from Android to iPhone by using Cloud service. Connect Android phone to computer via a USB cable. Copy the folders to your computer desktop and disconnect the device to the computer. Using iTunes to move data from Android to iOS is more complicated and time-consuming but work. You must transfer the data from Android to the computer first, and then use iTunes to sync the data from computer to your new iPhone. With this program, you can transfer Android songs, photos and videos to your new iPhone device.

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Plug your SSD into the SATA-to-USB adapter, then plug that into your computer. If it’s a brand-new drive, you probably won’t see the drive pop up in File Explorer, but don’t worry; it just needs to be initialized first. Open the Start menu and type «partitions» in the search box. Click the Create and format hard disk partitions option, and Disk Management will open. It will prompt you to initialize the drive using either the GPT or MBR partition table. Though it’s simple and easy to operate, there are still many restrictions.

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